Friday, March 30, 2012

Pinterest {recipes}

It's been awhile since I've shared any recipes here from my Pinterest boards, but I've had some great success lately with trying new things.

Here are some must-pin recipes!

I made both of these within the last week. Actually, I made the salad twice this week! Both are hearty, full of flavor and great for the whole family. Nate actually loved them both, and he's been quite the picky eater lately.

Here's a preview of the menu that I'm planning for Easter breakfast, too. Excited to try these!

Have a great Friday! Thanks for sneaking a peek at my blog today. 

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Sara Zenger said...

Oooh! That Chicken and Broc Braid looks yummy! I just cant get enough of the cheese burger salad! :)

lisa said...

So Yummy looking x

Busygirl said...

Ugh you're making me hungry and it's not even 10am here lol!

Can you send me the link to the first photo in the photo strip? Looks like some sort of quiche? Thanks!

Busygirl said...

Thanks for the link!

Rebecca Keppel said...

yum--thanks for sharing!!

NC Peach said...

These recipes look great! I may have to try that first one for the hubby and see if he likes it! TFS!