Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Pajama Pillow Upcycle {how-to}

I did something crazy a few weekends ago — I took out my sewing machine (gasp!). I had promised my son that I would take his favorite Angry Bird pajama pants (that no longer fit him) and make them into a pillow. 

It seemed like an easy enough idea; it was the getting started part that was difficult. Well, as you can see below, he was quite happy I stuck to my word (finally!).

When we went to buy the filler for the Angry Birds pillow, I bought a larger package because it was on sale. As we walked through JoAnn Fabrics, we saw a rolled up pack of the last of the fabric from this NY Yankees fleece. We already had this fleece last year when we made a blanket. It was perfect! 

Why not make second pillow! I had bought extra filler and carved out the time to create. It turned into a wonderful Sunday. Nate sat by my side and we made these together. The Yankees one was an easier, no-sew pillow (which was helpful).

As you can tell by this enormous grin, he's pretty darn happy! In the spirit of being grateful in November, I am grateful for this grinning face. I love that we can spend these times together making things — and memories.

Thanks for stopping to see my project. I included instructions in the first image in this post, so feel free to PIN IT and make your own Pajama Pants Pillow when you get around to it.


Sara Zenger said...

Your full of great ideas! I really love these!

Lisa Rukin Swift said...

Such a great way to recycle outgrown PJs. This is wonderful, Diana!

laura said...

That is an awesome idea. Makes more sense than the 100's of cheer t-shirts my daughter had in high school. How many pillows can you have, lol

Lynn said...

Sweet! Great idea!