Monday, September 14, 2009

giving away some new Cosmo Cricket!

Check out Sketchy Thursdays today!
Cosmo Cricket's The Boyfriend and Earth Love lines are up for grabs!


Brenda said...

I have it posted on my blog for you girls as well Diana! I also thanked my followers for supporting you on my post as I am seeing their smiling faces on your new site!
Sooo happy for ya!

Leah l'Orange said...

for REAL?! i don't think anyone would notice if you were to sneak a page or two... ;D

you can BET they'd have a great home over here, girlfriend. fingers and toes and eyeballs and legs are crossed (okay, so the latter is because i have to pee, but that's not the point!).

DebW said...

These are 2 great lines! Love Cosmo Cricket!!

Get the Picture by Kathy said...

I have Sketchy thursdays both in my blog and on 2 peas where I posted my challenge layout.
Please consider these as entries in the contest!
I love you blog and visit everyday - thanks too for keeping up the blog post on 2 peas - I check it out everyday too.

This is fun! Thanks!