Friday, September 11, 2009

one more day!

One more day! Check in tomorrow to see why I've been jumping outta my seat for weeks!

Here are some hints...
1. 4 FABULOUS packs of paper to give away.
2. 6 stamp sets to give away.
3. One big prize to give away from a scrappy store.
4. A sketchy partner in crime to announce.
5. A DT to announce.
7. And a new place to play!

OK, I may have given too much away, but you're intrigued, right?! I wanted to announce everything today, but I had a difficult time saying 9/11 was a launch date.

Take a moment to reflect today on those whose lives were changed forever on this date 8 years ago. I know Americans were deeply affected, but I'm convinced our friends abroad also felt the sting that came with such tragedy. If it could happen here, it could happen anywhere, right?

Hug a loved one today. Hold them tight.

Ciao friends! See you tomorrow!!

12 comments: said...

OMGoodness! What excitement!!!!!!!!! This is going to be much fun! Can't wait :)

I CAN NOT believe it has been 8 years. We were all affected in one way or another.


Jessica Wilson said...

How exciting for you!! I'm excited to see, and a new place to play...very interesting!!! Can't wait to see. I will forever remember that day and all the lives affected:) We should never foget.
Love, Jess

Terria said...

OH this sounds exciting I cant wait, I will have to push my husband on the laptop to come and check everything out:) but I look forward to it ALL!!

Brenda said...

I am sooo happy & sooo excited for you Diana!!I work all weeeknd again so I will pop in before going to work. I think that day changed the world forever!

heidi said...

It is hard to believe it was 8 years ago. It's still fresh in my mind. Well said, Diana.

Ooh, do I see an new blinkie?? Perdy!!

angie gutshall said...

Can't wait!!

Anonymous said...

Oh I am soooo excited!!!! I cannot wait. I am so excited for you too Diana!! You are doing an awesome job!!!!

Pat said...

I can't wait for all the excitement! WTG!

The Studio by Amanda Jones said...

You are such a tease! Such excitement here!

And you're right... I can't speak for everyone but I'm British and it certainly caused a lot of sorrow over here too. I remember I'd just driven a 5 hour drive and arrived at my destination to find everyone gathered around the TV watching the events unfold. I thought it was a hoax. We stayed up until the middle of the night watching the horror.

Pearl said...

o gosh i didnt realise the date ! yes ! I totally understand that you didnt do your big announcement on 9/11 ! go you ! Yes we watched it all in aghast on CNN ! even on tiny Singapore we feel the pain, for sure !

Fun times ahead for Sketchy THursdays I can tell ! woot !

Bhane said...

You're doing great Diana! So excited for you.

suzARTe said...

Although I am all the way down under in Australia we were all deeply affected by 9/11. Last year when I was in Newyork I went on the harbour cruise and heard the very sad stories of everyone who were affected, upto now its still a vivid memory I will never ever forget.

On a cheerier note looking forward to all the exciting happenings on this great site