Monday, June 1, 2009

make a card from a gift bag

Most of us have gift bags we received from others stashed away somewhere. And I bet some of them are pretty cute. Rescue that cute bag detailing and give that gift new life.

Here is how you can take a cute gift bag and turn it into this adorable wedding card.

Open up the bag and lay flat so that you can cut the bag detailing out using an exacto knife. After I have done this, I like to soften the edges with an emery board.

Place double-sided tape on the back corners of the patterned paper of your choice. We'll use it to attach it to the card stock. Do not put a piece of tape in the center, we'll be running ribbon through that space.

The ribbon will fit between the patterned paper and the card stock. On the back side, glue down the two ends of ribbon using Glue Dots. After the ribbon has been attached, glue down the patterned paper using the double-sided tape.

Using more double-sided foam tape, affix the gift bag detailing to the ribbon. A little extra at the top or bottom may be needed to attach it to the patterned paper as well.

Use a rub on or stamp to put a small message on the inside of the card.

This particular card is presented in a vellum envelope that adds a soft, elegant touch for a wedding gift. The front of the card can be seen through the envelope. If you'd like, tie some more of the ribbon around the card to make it a present within itself.

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Suzanne said...

Your card is gorgeous! How creative. Thanks for sharing the process.

Brenda said...

WOW!!! I LOVE it!!!
I have something for you on my blog!

Deborah said...

Very Pretty!!