Monday, June 1, 2009

custom-made art for the bride and groom

I have a friend who was very excited about taking her husband's name when they got married. So excited that she had the 'H' for her new name carved into their pumpkin centerpieces. (They were actually very cute.)

When I went to get her wedding gift, I decided that it had to go along with her 'H' theme, and this idea was born.

For the monogram-enthused bride, a piece of art showcasing her new last initial is a personal gift that she may truly appreciate.

Recommended supplies: A frame with a mat, an exacto knife, scissors, glue and glue dots, a Cricut or other die cute machine for the lettering. Also patterned paper and/or card stock.

Remove the mat from the frame. Place it on the paper of your choice and using an exacto knife, trace around the mat. Glue the paper onto the front of the mat.

For this particular frame, I chose to add ribbon embellishment to the edge of the paper. Then choose a paper that will go on the inside of the mat and will serve as the background for your initial. Using glue dots, attach the paper to the backside of mat.

Select a paper that will be the initial. I used Dotted Swiss in black for this particular one. Double check, using your Cricut mat, that you are cutting the letter to fit the mat opening. After you have the initial cut out, attach it to the inside background paper.

Using the Beyond Birthdays cartridge, I added the word 'love' to scroll across the initial. It's a nice touch that brings it all together as a symbol for their day.

Thanks for stopping by today for more of my wedding week! If all goes well, I hope to have more for you tomorrow. (And don't forget to get your LO in for Sketchy Thursdays!)


Brenda said...

Wow this is really beautiful....thanks for all the tips...really helps!
I am all excited waiting for Thursdays new sketch!! I had sooo much fun with the last one you made it soooo easy for me!

Jen Mc said...

This is a FANTASTIC frame!!!! Love it!