Sunday, June 28, 2009

perspective photography

I would hardly call myself a photographer (only by hobby), but I do like to play around with neat perspectives with the pictures I take.

Today my son and I went to the playground, one of our fave weekend activities. These aren't color corrected or even cropped, but I wanted to throw them up here to share them.

It helps to have a 'super cheeser' like I have with Nate. He'll pose for anything, and he'll even tell me if he thinks I'm missing a shot.

And this shot isn't really a perspective photo but rather a picture of my son being goofball!

i love this boy!


heidi said...


I am so glad I found you and your blog. You are so talented. I love these pics of your son!!

I have a blog award over on my blog for you if you're into that sort of thing.


Diane Davies said...

These are great photos! I'm visiting from Simply Scrapping. I'm going to start following your blog. Great work!

Anonymous said...

Cool pictures. The first one is my fave.