Sunday, February 9, 2014

My craft space {bella blvd}

Yesterday on the Bella Blvd blog I shared some details and photos about my craft space. It's always nice to go around the room and really look at the space you create in. I recently did a big purge, but even when I was getting ready to take these pictures, I saw more opportunities to de-clutter and organize.

My studio is the third biggest of four bedrooms in our home. It is upstairs, the windows look out onto the front yard and it gets great light in the mornings. I had been in the smallest bedroom, but quickly outgrew that space a couple of years ago. I now have the space for two tables, two chairs and a bigger closet.

The items I use most are kept on the desk first, then the two-tier wire basket on the shelving unit or in the little basket by the printer. I shuffle things around often so that what I am using most is always at my fingertips and I don’t need to sift through drawers or bins.

Here on my desk I only keep a few mists and inks and supplies that I’m in the mood to use now, or are color-coordinated with projects I am currently working on. Then, with the change of seasons or holidays, they will swap out with others.

Since this was for Bella Blvd, I wanted to showcase how I store those items. One of the things I'm happy I did was put any of the items from Bella Blvd that have a hole on a binder ring. It makes it so easy to pop them in and out of the drawer as a group. Then I just flip through to the color I want. I did that with all flowers and feathers for the brand.

As a card maker, I often get asked about how I store all of my cards. This teeny tiny basket is it! It keeps them neat and ready to go for when I need them. When the basket gets too full, I go on a binge and send out a bunch of smiles to my friends and family, or I take them to work and hold a discounted trunk show and my co-workers buy them for half the cost I would normally sell them at.

Everyone has the stash of markers. These are the most-used colors and styles in kept in reach.

My closet is premium space. Some of you may remember a past post where I talked about hanging my layouts on hooks before I put them in albums. Here are a couple off to the side of my camera bag.

Lastly, here are two Pier One frames that I hang favorite cards and layouts on before they move to the hooks or basket. I like to be able to look at many of the pieces I make for a little while before I sort and hide them away in the closet.

So there you have it! If you've seen my craft room tour before, there might be some updates. I get restless and organize a lot —I'm not a fan of clutter.

Hope your weekend was great, and thanks for stopping here today.


~amy~ said...

Such a PRETTY space!

Unknown said...

Beautiful space and so well organized!

Amanda Sevall said...

What a beautiful space you have Diana!! I love the way you store your to-be-put-away layouts and I have that same photo frame from Pier One in our laundry room -- love how you are using it!! :)