Monday, February 24, 2014

Anchored since 2004

Many of you that have read my blog for awhile or follow me on Facebook know that I love anchors. Heck, I even have one tattooed on my arm — so I better like 'em! 

I have been meaning to hang a picture in this space in my living room for awhile now, but I like to look for just the right piece when I add things to my home. Even if it takes more than a year, as it did in this case. 

To make this, I used three coats of chalkboard paint to cover what was previously on the wooden tray. Then I cut a 7" wide x 11.5" high anchor on my Cameo from a Silhouette studio file. I cut it out of light gray vinyl, not white. I felt like the light gray went better with the chalkboard paint and was a little more muted. 

To cut the "est. 2004," I typed it out in the Silhouette software with the font Blackjack and then applied a Weld on the word "est" so that it would be all one piece. The "est. 2004" is our wedding date. I chose that over our move-in date for the house, but you could use any important date if you choose to make one similar to this.

The whole process took two days because of drying times on the paint. I love how it turned out and it really helps tie the space together. As much as I love the snowman and snowflake candles, I am already plotting a more spring-like decor for next month. 

Thanks for hanging out here today! 


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Sandi said...

Oh I love this Diana!!

Angela said...

That is really cool!

Heather Doolittle said...

So cute!! You and your anchors... :) I like how you used the chalkboard paint and grey vinyl so it doesn't have a nautical feel.

Dictionary said...

What a great project.

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