Monday, March 24, 2014

Spring wreath

Last year I made a rag wreath by tying small strips of muslin over and over again on a wire wreath base. I love the look of the muslin for spring, so I dug it out of storage and gave it a refresher with some canvas flowers, pastel eggs and of course a birdie — in this case, an owl. 

I had the most fun buying the new pieces for this season's wreath — I was with Sara at the Hobby Lobby next to Audrey's house. I have to admit that when I look at this now, it reminds me of our fun girls weekend. 

Do you make a wreath for every season? Link yours in my comments section — I'd love to stop by your blog and see what you make.

To see the wreath Sara made, check out her blog today!


Dictionary said...

What a gorgeous wreath. I have been thinking of making a spring one as I drive by and see so many on other people's doors..I think you just made me take the leap.

SiódmyAnioł said...

Lovely wreath! So much detail here!

Unknown said...

this is beautiful!

Unknown said...

this is beautiful and I pinned for later inspiration!