Friday, October 2, 2009

celebrating tomorrow's world card making day

Hello. Here is a card that I made for a Card Tag challenge at Memories Always - Forever. You can see the whole trail here. If you've never played card tag before, you start with someone else's card to lift. The first person lifts the original card, then passes it to the next person. You don't see the original card or the card after yours until the end, when you see what everyone has done.

Looking for a unique idea for World Card Making Day? Try starting a card tag with only an hour to complete it and then pass it on! That could make for a fun weekend!

Check back here tomorrow! I will be celebrating along with Paper Crafts' blog hop. And I will have a RAK of my very own to giveaway. It's a good one, too! See you then!


Unknown said...

Hi there! Just blog hopping and enjoying your blog! Nice card!

Jingle said...

Ummmm....SUPER CUTE CARD! Seriously. I love it!

Unknown said...

So cute! I love that street lamp so much! Happy National Card Making Day. :D

heidi said...

Great job as usual! And when did you change your profile bio to include me? Awwwwww ~wiping tear away~ soooooo sweeeeeeeet! I love you, too, man! XOXOXOXO

danni reid. said...

good grief, this is fabulous ♥♥♥
hugs & so much love!

Nancywithajones said...


suzARTe said...

hi Diana,
to celebrate Card Making day I am giving out a few prizes, all in the name of fun. I have got a little prize for you, all the details are on my blog. Can you please email me your address so I can post you your little prize

I love your latest card, the whole French theme is fantastic