Friday, December 20, 2013

December Days {part 2}

Hello again! I am back with the second part of my December Days catch up posts. If you aren't familiar with how I structure my album, it is an event-based album instead of daily. There is so much going on in December, that it is much easier for me to document the events rather than each single day.

For this event, we went to visit my family in Ohio for an early Christmas. I took a ton of pictures, but I didn't want to overwhelm the album, so I just included in the album a few of my favorites. It can be really easy to let one event overwhelm an album like this, but pre-planning your events and traditions in advance can help you before you get carried away.

After the trip, I wanted to include a picture of our tree. One of our favorite things about the holidays is sitting in a dimly lit living room under the glow of the tree. Had to capture that even though it isn't an event … got to get those little moments documented.

The big snowfall finally arrived! This is one event that I look forward to each year — those first big snowfalls that get the boy out of the out and into some playtime. 

Snow might not seem like an event, but it is for me! Each year in my December album I make sure to grab some pictures of that first clean, fresh snow. By mid January we'll all be sick of it — I want to remember the moment when I welcomed it.

Thanks for visiting here today to see my December Days progress! 


msmith434343 said...

They all look really great and I love the product you used!!

Angela said...

Very pretty! Love the kraft base, really makes the rest shine.

Margie Higuchi said...

Stunning pages, Diana! I think my favorite is the first one on the post...just caught my eye and so precious :)