Monday, February 11, 2013

Project Life {part 6}

My friend Renee and I are both making Project Life albums with the Simple Stories binder. Since we work together, we try to get together during our lunch breaks and work on our pages. We were lucky enough to get two days in a row together a few weeks ago and I got these pages done.

Nate had his first sleepover at a friend's house this past December. It was a birthday sleepover, so I snapped a quick pic of the card he made to take to his friend. Yes, he makes all of his cards (apple doesn't fall far from the tree…).

Does your school have Raz Kids? I love this program! It's for reading and rewards the kids with points that they can turn in for objects they can add to their rocket ship. It is to cute, and Nate just loves it!

This wood arrow is one of the new ones from Freckled Fawn. Love them!

Yep, I was still back in December with my PL. I did a December Daily, so I felt less pressure to really go all out on this part of the binder, but I wanted to cover the little party they had at his after school program for the holidays.

To end this part, I put in New Year's Eve night and also a note about Nate's year-round baseball practices. In fact, he just had practice yesterday, another one this Wed., and again this coming up Sunday. You'd never know it was February with the baseball schedule they have!

Thanks for stopping to see my Simple Stories binder Project Life. It's been a fun project!


Fleursbydesign said...

Love these PL pages, I ordered the Snap binder to try a small version like this. It's nice that you have someone to scrap with at work :)

Rebecca Keppel said...

how fun to get pages done at lunch! they are fabulous of course :)