Thursday, August 26, 2010

I am such a slacker!

OK, not really, but I feel like it!

Many of you know I work for NextStepU Magazine as the Print Production Coordinator and the only in-house graphic designer. We are an education publication which mean that Fall is our craziest time. I've been super swamped the past few weeks, and there has been little time even after work hours for the fun stuff.

But I love it! I love my job, and I love that I get to work in the field I set out to work in, doing what I want to do every day—and doing it well! I've been at the magazine for almost 9 years and these publications are my babies. I take pride in each issue and work whatever hours I have to to make sure they are correct and awesome for the readers.

(Sneak peek at the Sept./Oct. cover of NextStepU Magazine)

So, sometimes the fun stuff in my life suffers. Like Sketchy Thursdays. I am so grateful for Heidi because today is the first time since I started the challenge site that I have missed the sketch reveal. I am beyond mortified with myself. OK, not really... everyone needs a break now and again, right?!

Even though I didn't play along, make sure to still stop over and see what the DT girls came up with for you, see the new sketch, and see the AWESOME prize that Kristina from Your Memories Here has supplied for you all to play for. It's a spook-tacular prize!!! :)

And, because I can't leave you without something to drool over, here is an image I saw this week at Blue Moon Scrapbooking. It's the new Jenni Bowlin pearl button sets. O...M...G! If you know me, you know I NEED these! On the must-have list!!

Thanks for stopping by and listening to me ramble today! :)

PS: If you know someone in high school or an adult going back to school, I would love it if you could pass along the (high school) and (adult learners) websites! :)

PPS: We have a scholarship contest for up to $10,000 for college!!!


EverydayMe said...

yes... I totally agree everyone needs a break... we'd all go mad if we didn't have one sometime... love those buttons... too much fun... I'm a button girl too... gonna have to get me some of those!!! {{hugs}} Michelle

Kristina said...

Don't be too hard on yourself. You are way more together than I will ever be! I think you and Heidi do a fabulous job over at ST and complement each other perfectly. What's one week in the grand scheme of things anyway?

heidi said...

you're such a slacker! lol!!!! girl, you are an overachiever and sometimes even they need breaks!!!!! don't worry your head over it!!!

Jingle said...

I totally understand! My life has gone so upside down and then right side up again this past couple weeks, but in the meantime, I have done nothing creative at all!

Audrey Yeager said...

SLACKER!! omg you are anything but. I can't believe all the stuff you do!!!!

My little brother is going to be a junior this year in HS! I am going to send him the link!

Antonia Krajicek {Green Horned Unicorn} said...

Everyone deserves a break ever now and again so I wouldn't sweat it! How fun to learn a little more about what you do! I've seen the NextStep U website and knew you did graphic design, but I didn't realize that your company also published a magazine too! How fun :)

Amanda Sevall said...

Definitely don't be too hard on yourself Diana!! That cover is very eye catching -- what a cool job to have!! :)

Janet's Joy said...

What an interesting job you have.
I was drooling over those buttons too!

Keshet said...

We all have moments where life just gets too crazy--don't be too hard on yourself!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Slacker! LOL!! I know better!! And I am proud of what you do for us and your work on a daily basis. period. :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Adora Concepcion said...

wow, what a FUN job you have Diana!!! You do so much cool stuff!! I do miss seeing your beautiful page! :) Take it easy!

Savannah O'Gwynn said...

LOVE that you love your job--I would love to see what you do (like shadow or just sit and watch!!). LOOOOOOOVE visiting here---so many great LOs and creations! No worries on not posting today--I can't wait to see what you create:)

Ps...thanks so much (SOOOOO MUCH) for leaving some love on my blog! It is great when DT members visit the players blogs:) It made my day! THANK YOU!

Stacy Milford said...

Definitely going to check out the magazine! Jeremy will be headed to college next many things to get done between now & THEN! P.S. Give yourself a break girl! I finally figured out that you can only be spread so thin...take care!

sarah said...

i got my hands on some of those buttons, and they are totally TO DIE FOR! seriously... i NEED more. hahaha.

happy weekend, diana!