Wednesday, July 22, 2009

meet Mo!

Maureen, a.k.a. Mo, a.k.a. MoMo Stamper is this week's Sketchy Thursdays sponsor. Mo has made a great set of butterflies to give this week's winner. I loved 'em so much, I already bought a set and can't wait to use them! Visit Mo's store here.

Let's get to know Mo!

I grew up in Hawaii, but now I live in Bothell, Washington. I have been in this area since about 1990 and I love it here! I love the fact that we can experience all the seasons here. It's a beautiful state, and I EVEN LOVE THE RAIN! Just the other day we had some rain and thunder, and I was OVERJOYED!

My specialty is scrapbooking since that's what started it all! Before I got into blogging, I did a lot of two-page layouts because I thought the pages HAD to match when side by side. I've since changed my mind and usually scrap one page layouts. I create much faster this way!

Scrapbooking is therapeutic, fun and accomplishes the task of recording our family's memories for us to look back on and for future generations to experience, learn from and hopefully treasure.

I started scrapbooking around 1997 when I was 21 For some reason I CAN NOT find my scrapbooks! They may be at my parents' storage area or hidden in some corner of the house (so that no one can see the evidence)! LOL! COLLEGE YEARS! Need I say more?????
My favorite trend in paper crafting right now seems to be that the vintage feel IS EVERYWHERE! We're coming into this appreciation of the old....maybe because at the moment, we are unsure of our future as a society. There's something safe and secure that the vintage trend offers. It's making a lot of us appreciate what we had in the past.

Maybe this will allow us to make sounder decisions about our future and become more involved in social change ... because everyone can start as an individual and it doesn't really matter how they do that except that they just DO SOMETHING to improve the state of our environment, our economy and our finances. (Okay, that kinda went somewhere else! LOL!) Leave it to me to turn a simple scrapbooking trend into a call for social and environmental change!


Thanks, Mo! I really liked getting to know you better (and here I thought I knew it all already, hee hee). Below is a picture of the butterflies similar to what Mo is giving away this week. Get excited!!!! And get those pages in by the end of the night. I'll announce a winner on Thursday.

And, if you saw the comments earlier this week about Lady Bird ... THIS is Lady Bird. She is a little Mo Mo Stamper mascot (Mo, can I call her that?) and is available for sale at Mo's store. Go and get her, she's adorable and I can vouch that she adds a great touch to a page!


Unknown said...

MoMo ROCKS!!! You do too Diana! :o)

Brenda said...

WOW LOVE the butterflies....and Lady Bird has my legs!!!

heidi said...

So great to get to know Mo! Love those butterflies!!