Wednesday, May 6, 2009

if my son could shop on Etsy

If Nate could shop for me on Etsy for Mother's Day, this is what I think he would pick out (because he's three and these decisions would be simple and make complete sense to him).

1. A coffee tumbler because mom loves her coffee and Nate is excited when he gets to carry his own tumbler full of chocolate milk.

2. This cute Owl and Tree zippered pouch because that means mom has quarters for the bridges, the Mickey Mouse ride and small toys from the bubble machines.

3. 100 buttons, so Nate could take as many as he wanted to carry in his pockets. There would have to be a lot of pink ones to leave for mom, they are her favorite.

4. A little blue bronto in case mom wants to play dinosaurs with Nate. I would have my own dino that I would of course share with him.

And the best one: Original Nate artwork.

Thanks, Nate! I am so glad I get to be your Mom.

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